The discount commission for Agents is an important factor affecting the choice of a dealer. Because of the general mentality, everyone wants to enjoy a high discount. Understanding this mentality, the W88 house built a discount for Dealers up to 62%. The extreme 62% commission is completely real, invite you to join W88 to find out the details of this commission.


Member Agent, also known as W88 Agent, is the activity of finding new members to register to play at W88 and the Agent will receive a commission equal to 40% of the revenue from losing bets of all downline members. With an increasing number of registered customers and 10 years of brand development of the big house W88, it is a golden treasure in the online business village. With a 40% commission agent, you only need to meet the following simple requirements:

Minimum 5 active members in a month
100 USD minimum commission payment
Detailed article on costs and how to calculate 40% commission: W88 AGENT COST

With a huge commission, w88 is the most reliable address to make your dream of getting rich not difficult. Instead of struggling, investing a large amount of capital but not sure of profitability, becoming a W88 Dealer is the optimal business solution.

Business without capital
Get commission on USDT – Safe and secure
Clear and transparent commission payment


In addition to 40% commission based on member turnover losing bets, Affiliates will receive an additional 10% commission from downline Affiliates. When you click on the Affiliate registration link under the Dealer code, you will become a Downline Agent.
All Downline Affiliate benefits are received the same as Upline Affiliates with 40% commission. More specifically, there is no need to have 5 active players in the month to still be paid that amount.

Example: Mr. A clicks on the link to register as an agent of Mr. B >> A will become a downline agent of B. A has a commission of 1000 USD, B will receive a 10% commission of 100 USD.

To get the link provided for Downline Agents to register: Login to W88 Agent >> Personal Information >> Manage Downline Agents.


W88 game card dealer is becoming a distributor to sell cards online for members to play. With the convenience of quick top-up and lower amortization costs than phone scratch cards, game cards have gradually become more widely used at W88. Instant interest when discounting cards without waiting, along with W88’s modern card selling system. W88 game card dealer is the best form of online business today.

Besides, you can also combine the form of selling game cards and looking for members to play. To increase members bet and sell more cards.

Coming to the W88 house, you can make money very simply. W88 dealer commission level is up to 62% through the 3 methods above. This is a level that other bookies are hesitant to bring to customers, but the W88 house can completely. Moreover, W88 Dealer enthusiastically supports all days of the week to help you develop your agent and boost sales