In the 4.0 era, when online betting has blossomed everywhere, this saying is no longer accurate, success will come to those who know how to seize and take advantage of opportunities from it. Many members have had a stable life and income after joining the Affiliate program at W88, let’s find out through this article and make a decision.

Member Affiliate
Become a W88 Affiliate, you will receive about 40% of the commission every month based on the net profit of the company from the downline members that you earn. If you own a large number of members, then the monthly commission will be an extremely good income – up to tens of millions, even a few hundred million a month is not a dream number.
In addition, a very good tip that many members apply when they first open an Affiliate account, is that if your friends are also betting, recommend them to open an account under your Affiliate code. What if that friend loses? This is your chance to help them get back a part of their lost money up to 40% of that amount. However, it should be noted: W88 does not allow the Dealer to open a playing account under his own Affiliate code, if the above case occurs, both the playing account as well as the Affiliate account will be permanently closed!
In addition to 40% commission from company profits, you can find more Affiliates of your downline. When these Affiliates have a commission, you will receive an additional amount equal to 10% of the commission of the Downline Affiliate, a job that has two or three times the income, great, isn’t it?

W88 Game Card Retailer
Recharge via phone scratch card has experienced a “peak” in terms of its convenience and safety. Once upon a time, all over the big and small betting forums, there were posts like: “Which site is supporting phone scratch card top-up?” or “When will the xxx site support sending money via phone card”
No one will be able to deny the convenience that the top-up form of scratch card brings even though the recharge fee is extremely high and sometimes up to 30-35% (reloading a card of 100 thousand only gets 65-70k in the account). Understanding this problem, W88 has launched a completely convenient deposit method: Recharge via GAME CARD developed by W88’s technical team. Members can buy online directly with 5% discount at: or through authorized resellers:
With a fee of only 10% (top up 100,000 cards to get 90 thousand in the account), W88 Game Card is leading to replace phone scratch cards, becoming the hottest form of top-up today.
To promote cooperation and profit sharing like with Member Affiliates, W88 has further developed the GAME CARD Retailer program. You can both be a Member Affiliate and at the same time be a Game Card Retailer at W88. With a 12% discount, Game Card Retailers can use the following operational options:
Option 1: sell cards to customers/members and receive 12% discount. For Affiliates with a stable source of customers, the profit from card discounts will be a huge number.
Option 2: sell the card to long-time or close customers/members after giving them an amount equal to 12% of the value of the top-up card. At this time, the Retailer will not profit from the discount, but can maintain and increase relationships with potential customers.

Every industry can make a profit in it, do not hesitate to contact W88 Affiliate support immediately for the most timely and accurate advice.