In the age of technology 4.0, surely no one is a stranger to QR codes. Grasping the current trend when more than 84% of Vietnamese are using smartphones, W88 has officially launched a QR code ONLY FOR PRESTIGE HOUSEHOLD AFFILIATES to find members!

Where to get QR code?

It’s very simple, you just need to log in to your Affiliate account at W88, then select the “Overview” section.

The QR code will be located next to the link to introduce downline members.

How to use QR code?

Those who want to open a member account at W88 just need to open their phone’s CAMERA, then scan the QR code.

Immediately after that, the customer’s phone browser will display the W88 page, they just need to click it and they will be taken to the W88 website (which can lead directly to the REGISTRATION or PROMOTION section or W88 HOME) – depending on the Affiliate settings.

Because in the QR code, your Affiliate ID is already filled. Members only need to register correctly and with complete information, after completing it will be counted as your downline members.

How to make effective use of QR code?

W88 Affiliate can install QR code images as facebook avatars, zalo…, post them on the wall of social networks or even print them out and paste them in crowded places such as net shops, coffee shops, etc. where to organize your online bets…

The more different ways to find customers, the more resources you will have to take advantage of to attract more players under your Affiliate.