Come to W88 and play the following familiar arcade games. Just make money, get rich easily, and be entertained at the same time. This article introduces 3 classic arcade games, enjoy and get crazy rewards at W88!

Max Damage & The Alien Attack

Win Rate: 1:20

Playstyle: 1 turn costs from 0.5$ to 1$ depending on your wallet. Control the spaceship, complete the waves and level up. Bonuses and difficulty levels increase gradually.

That’s right, this is a money-making spaceship shooting game!

Beat bosses and get bigger rewards

Successful boss beating, bonus handover

If you play regular arcade game, what do you get after defeating a boss other than coins that don’t change anything? In W88 it’s different, bet 10$, get 70$!

Mega Money Rush

Win Rate: 1:15

Playstyle: Choose a bet, spin the wheel at the beginning of the game to unlock items, bonuses,… If you go to the “Race” box, you will be taken to a race track. Drive the car and get the bonus.

Spin at the beginning of the game

First level is racing car, the higher tables will be racing boats, planes…

Control the car and get the coins in the game!

Simply use the keyboard to control the car and get your coin. Simple gameplay that you can find in any arcade game. With Mega Money Rush, the bonus can be up to 10$ per race for only 1 minute.

Still racing, but adding the word “earning money” will turn into a completely unique game!

Incan Adventure

Win Rate: 1:10

Playstyle: Role playing character, each move is 1 bet, the character can drill the treasure box, the bonus will be awarded accordingly.

Pick up the drill and win

Drill the treasure, hand out the bonus!

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