How to operate Affiliate effectively?

This is a common question for all newcomers to this path, even those who have been active for a long time. The new Affiliate will need to find potential customers to bring in the earliest and highest profits, and the old Affiliate, in addition to maintaining existing members, must also find an effective operation plan to attract members. in a time when there is a lot of competition from new Affiliate like today.

Everyone will have their own “TIPS”, and among W88’s current Affiliate, there are many Affiliate that operate effectively and receive monthly commissions with dreaming numbers. W88 will not “dance the ax through the eyes of the worker”, but we will give some suggestions for you to refer to and develop further from these ideas.

  1. Search for members from industry insiders.

Those who have been, are and will be participating in the Affiliate program are mostly from betting people. During the game, you will have relationships/contact with other members from all over the world. Taking advantage of this relationship, you can bring those members to register under your Affiliate account. Maybe some of these people are also Affiliate, you will gain a lot of experience through them, and they may even help you find customers directly.

  1. Reaching customers via social networks – Building forums/groups…

In the era of 4.0 technology boom, most Affiliate are looking for players through today’s popular social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Youtube… these are places to connect friends with a large scope and source which have potential customers for you to find.

For example, you can set up or join groups on facebook related to sports betting, casino, lottery, etc., then post ads and PR about W88 to attract members who are interested in W88 products and promotions and register under your Affiliate link…

Summary: This section is the first-level method of finding customers for those of you who are just starting out as an Affiliate and don’t have much capital. In the next article, we will come to a “higher” level and need a certain amount of capital. Let’s follow along!

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