Everyone knows that affiliates of betting games online make the biggest income in the hottest industry today. However, not everyone notices a passive money-making channel that is only available at W88, which is the introduction of sub-affiliates.

Today, let’s get along with me to find out what the sub-affiliate is and the truth behind the unlimited 60% commission of the W88 bookie.

What is the sub-affiliate (downline affiliate)?
Sub-affiliates are those accounts that are registered under the referral affiliate ID as another affiliate.

What is the difference between sub-affiliates and parent affiliates?
Sub-affiliates operate independently and receive commissions of up to 50%, like other affiliates. However, the parent affiliate will receive a 10% commission from the sub-affiliate.

Most people, when joining affiliate activities, are focused on looking for new members to facilitate commission payments and generate huge revenues, but they miss a passive source of income by introducing a sub-affiliate.

For example, by economic problem:
When a successful sub-affiliate is introduced, the parent affiliate will receive an additional 10% monthly commission from the sub-agent.

Your sub-affiliate is a Tier 1. If a Tier 1 affiliate introduces an additional sub-affiliate called a Tier 2 affiliate, the parent affiliate will receive a commission equal to 10% of the Tier 1 affiliate and 10%x10% of the Tier 2 affiliate.

If as many Tier 1 affiliates as possible are introduced, the parent affiliate commission is so large that it can’t be counted.

In the event that the affiliate has no commissions or receives negative commissions, then just 10% of the commissions from the sub-affiliate will neutralize negative commissions positively and also provide a significant source of profit, so you do not need to do anything at all.

W88 affiliates get unlimited 60% commission is True

Thus, the affiliate commission can get up to 60% or more. It will be brings unlimited sources of income only through online business.

This is a special point that, I assure you, no bookie out there can make except W88.


To provide a solid source of income and work towards financial freedom, in addition to finding new members each month, don’t forget to introduce the sub-affiliate.