Let’s take a quick look at the most interesting bets FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 with W88 – Biggest soccer cup this summer!

Best Handicap and Over/Under bets

The score bet will be a difficult bet to play, but the Over/Under bet is still very good. The US team handicaps vs Vietnam with 6 goals (rate 1.20), the Netherlands handicaps vs Vietnam with 4 goals (rate 1.35). All are attractive bets for you to choose

With Over/Under, the odds offered usually revolve around 3-5 goals for each match, the Over are getting a lot of attention because women’s football is the story of the rain of goals.

In women’s football, a team in the TOP 10 FIFA rankings can completely out play the teams from the TOP 20 and below.

The history of this tournament has witnessed matches with the score …13-0, 15-0, which is almost unprecedented in the FIFA World Cup for men.

Running odds are the good choice

In the big difference matches like USA vs Vietnam, USA vs Portugal,… a lot of running bets will appear.

However, you should note that in women’s football the match speed is quite slow, with so many corners, freekicks,… so you need to pay attention not to enter the bet when the ball is dead or the phases can lead to a goal right after, because your bet results will not be recognized.

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