As the leading entertaiment company providing online fishing games, W88 has recently launched another blockbuster one, bringing the total number of fishing games at W88 to 14. Why after 14 games have been released? Longya Fishing is the first game to be called a blockbuster?

Most game modes – Most Jackpot Amount

Odds: 1:250, 1:400, 1:7200

Playstyles: Boss stage, Jackpot, Bonus stage…

Type of canon: Lock-on, Dragon Hunting, Duplicate shoot, auto-aim,…

The odds for Longya is 1:7200. A real Grand Jackpot is here!

1:300 and 1:400. That’s huge bonus for a fishing game.

Special mode: Dragon hunting!

Gold Rod: Attack all the fish with just 1 shot!

With dozens of functions and playstyles, Longya Fishing deserves the blockbuster title that fishing lovers give it. W88 don’t have enough time to introduce in detail all the features and shooting styles, please go to the link below and experience it for free!

Trial Link Longya Fishing: CLICK HERE!

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