BTi-Sports is a sports platform of the W88 bookie, upgraded from E-Sports. There are all kinds of bets on football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, etc.

In addition to the variety of games, BTi-Sports also attracts attention thanks to the overripe bets. The betting table provides details, shows all the basic information, and can be updated for hundreds of different matches every day.

Let’s find out who will benefit from this “million-dollar upgrade”.

Affiliate members have advantages after upgrading to BTi-Sports.

  • First of all, seniority in the field of online games must be mentioned when BTi-Sports has more than 15 years of operation. Is one of the game halls gathering the most bettors today.

BTi-Sports was born in 2007

  • Sports BTi at W88 supports up to 10 different languages: Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia, the UK, Korea, etc. So affiliate members in any country can participate in betting conveniently.
  • There are two European and Asian interfaces that are visually vivid, and the structure of the truss tables is evaluated scientifically. Each piece of news is clear and complete about the match, the subject, the schedule, the odds, etc.
  • BTi-Sports combined with the bookie to offer the rafters table quite early, about a week before the official start. Thanks to this special offer, affiliate members can check and make better judgments.

Did BTi-Sports count commissions for Affiliates?

Not only is it counted, but the commission is also sky-high, up to 50% for W88’s Affiliates.

Especially with just one fund transfer, members can participate in other products at the same time, such as casinos, slots, lottery, etc. This both increases the member’s chances of winning bets and increases the profit rate for Affiliates.

The BTi-Sports wallet in its new version helps increase profit margins for Affiliates

So who benefits the most from this “mission”?

After each “million-dollar mission”, the person who benefits the most is always a W88 member because they have access to the most advanced entertainment and service platform. Affiliates are also not out of the game when it is easier to promote and attract members to join and receive unlimited commissions up to 50% at W88.

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